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Parents love their children more than anything in the world. You want what is best for your kids and that includes a great nanny. You want to know your kids are in safe hands. A Nanny cam with audio is an effective way to protect the children and to ease your mind. Being able to see everything going smooth at home can be a real comfort.

What is a nanny cam? It is a camera that can record a nanny’s activities in your home and her interactions with your child. You can also see everything in real time via a streaming application on your smartphone (depending on the model you choose).

Nanny cam with audio on smartphone

A nanny cam with audio can have different uses such as:


  • Observing your nanny.
  • Seeing and talking to your kids.
  • Checking on your pet.
  • Watching over an elderly loved one.
  • Keeping an eye on your home for security purposes.


Best practices with nanny cams

The purpose of a nanny cam is to prevent and discourage child abuse. You have to place nanny cams only where they are appropriate. It is an invasion of privacy to place a nanny cam in a bathroom or a nanny’s bedroom. In certain states, it is illegal to record a person’s conversations without the individual’s consent.

It is important to tell your nanny about your intention to have nanny cams installed, preferably before you hire her. If the nanny feels uncomfortable about it, she can refuse the job or she may quit.

If she does feel comfortable with the situation, you need to sign a written agreement with the nanny that states the use of nanny cams is in order.

Tips to help you hire a great nanny

Before we go deeper into nanny cams, let’s take a quick look at nannies first, so you don’t need to spend too much time watching a nanny on a security camera later.

  • Use a reputable nanny referral agency to find good candidates.
  • Find out about the candidate’s background.
  • Personally check the nanny’s references.
  • Discuss the extent of her job description.
  • Interview candidates more than once.

Look for a nanny with:

  • Good health.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Love and respect for children.
  • Relevant experience.
  • A degree or qualification in early childhood or elementary education.
  • A valid drivers license.


The best nanny cam with audio

Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P WiFi IP Security Camera, best nanny cam with audioAmcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P WiFi IP Security Camera

The #1 best seller on Amazon with 4000+ 5 star reviews. What stands out most from the Amcrest when compared to it’s main competitor (the Nest cam) is the amount of value you get per dollar spent. As a nanny cam, it doesn’t get better than this. So what makes the Amcrest so popular? Let’s have a look.


Feature set

Amcrest WiFi setup

Quick and easy setup

You can have multiple cams connected and monitor each one through the same interface. People who aren’t tech savvy tend to worry if they will be able to make the cam work.

You can do the WiFi setup with a few simple steps (see the video below that shows how easy it is). However, the amount of features can be overwhelming. Included with the Amcrest cam is a cd manual and quick start guide.

The WiFi setup will enable you to stream video and two-way audio directly to your smartphone, tablet, Apple Mac or Windows PC. Android and Apple devices are both supported. You’ll be glad to know if you do get stuck, the Amcrest support center is available to you with lifetime support.


HD Video QualityHigh Definition Video

The resolution on the camera is Full HD 1920×1080 pixels which is the same as a Full HD 1080p television. The picture quality is clear, with realistic color and a level of detail that almost makes you feel like you are there. The 30 frame per second frame rate ensures smooth video without a chopping effect.


Multiple storage optionsMultiple Storage Options

You can choose where to save your footage. The MicroSD card slots into the camera and records your footage locally. The other storage options allow for remote storage and access.

Saving your footage remotely enables you to access recorded footage even if someone were to steal your camera in an attempt to remove evidence. The magnitude of storage options is the deciding factor for many consumers when choosing this camera.


Speaker and MicrophoneTwo-Way Audio

Everything is not always as it seems. Hearing what’s going on gives you the whole story. The audio sounds good but not excellent. The built-in speaker and microphone allows you to have a conversation with your nanny and kids.


Motion alertsSmart Motion Alerts

With the motion alert feature you don’t need to constantly check in to see if something is happening. You will get notified immediately when motion is detected. An event log is created with recordings and snapshots which you can view at a convenient time.


Zone customizationZone Customization

You can set areas where motion is detected to be ignored or recorded. Detection can also be set to trigger on movement within a specified distance of a zone. This helps you to get relevant recordings and to monitor areas of special interest. The fine-tuning capability enables you to adjust the sensitivity to movement.


Timeline playbackTimeline Playback

Your footage is recorded with the time it takes place. The video playback can be accessed quickly to a specified point in time. It’s disappointing to miss a special moment. The Amcrest makes it possible to see and share a recording of what you might have missed.



Night VisionNight Vision

The cam’s night vision is impressive. High-tech infrared LEDs display visuals very clearly. The IR LED’s light up the viewpoint with infrared rays that the human eye can’t see. Unlike other cams that rely on shining lights, the Amcrest functions discreetly. The effective range is 32 feet.


Pan, Tilt, ZoomPan, Tilt, Zoom

I really like the Amcrest 360-degree display features. You can control the camera’s 90 degree wide view from wherever you are. I’m pleased to say that the cam doesn’t have sound effects like in a spy movie. The camera functions at a very low noise level whilst rotating. The zoom function is digitally enhanced which provides a clear close up. (Smile you’re on camera) 🙂 However, I would love this cam to have optical zoom, which has a clearer visual effect.

Warranty and SupportWarranty and Support

The Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P WiFi IP security camera has a 1 year US replacement warranty.

Amcrest Technologies has a US support center available for contact via phone and email. With all the features this cam has, it is good to know you will receive helpful answers to your questions.

Video Quality
Audio Quality
Ease of use
Feature set
Price value
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